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move-cap refines all drinks with natural flavors and ingredients.
Manufactured without chemical preservation.

Long shelf life thanks to the fresh seal in the dispenser-depot.

All sensitive ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and other special ingredients are well protected in the dispenser chamber and kept separate from water.

As a result, the quality reduction by oxygen oxidation, UV irradiation and water solubility of active ingredients, as occurs in pre-mixed products in the bottle, prevented.

We have developed move-cap for 38mm bottle thread

King size for 38 mm with 2 syrup-depots

38 mm bottle-thread
35 ml volume
23-25 ml filling
  • Hygienic cap with safety ring
  • Shelf life approx. 12 months
  • Drinking system opens / closes by turning on the closure
  • perfect for stil and sparking water
  • Without chemical preservation
  • Fresh sealing in dispenser depot
  • Effective freshness mix effect
  • dosed

The new generation of beverages with a natural flavor.

Individually tuned, with and without carbonic acid.
Thirst quencher - vitamin drinks - wellness from the bottle - Sports Drinks - Energy Power

All natural fruit juices and fruit syrup are
an impressive taste experience after the freshness mix.

Thanks to the freshness of the seal, precious flavors,
vitamins and ingredients are preserved for a long time

Fruit juice / fruit syrup and water are
automatically mixed when the bottle is opened.

king-size with two dispenser depots

king-size is equipped with two dispensation-chambers. The second dispensation-chamber is measureable. Elderflower syrup in the first chamber, then with some balm from the second chamber refine or completely measures with the whole taste experience. Every consumer can decide by himself whether he / she wants to consume an unsweetened, easily sweetened or fully sweetened drink. Ice tea / fruit juice syrup in the first chamber and marple-syrup /honey-syrup/ sugar/ sweetener to sweet in the second dosing chamber etc.  A small rotation up to the tender restate opens the first dispenser-depot. The first chamber is emptied and now the drinking fastener is opened. With the "wide trick" it is got going of the dosing of the second Dispenserdepot. With the dosing-depot streaming is tuned for a pleasant fine dosing. After the desired measured amount simply turn back the fastener above the light restate, the dosing-depot is closed again and the freshness cocktail ready for enjoyment.
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